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DRILL: Stop, Drop and Roll 🔥

STOP, DROP AND ROLL! Not just for emergencies… well maybe this is a golf emergency.

This drill is for you, if you have trouble sequencing the down swing with correct weight transfer!

Step 1: Go to the top of your golf swing. Then begin your downswing and STOP.

Step 2: DROP those hands down and take notice of your hand position, club head position and how your weight has been situated. Your hands should be situated near pocket height with the club head trailing behind. Your weight should be pushing to the target.

*Tip: imagine your lead hip pocket is next to a sheet of glass between you and the target; when pressing left don’t break the glass or you’re going to get cut. We want to move forward but not past that defining line.

Step 3: Use that pressing momentum to ROLL the shoulders around your spine and into a finish position!

Take a look at Hobbs for a short demo:

Pretty easy right?

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