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Back to Basics! It's so easy to get your swing out of whack focusing on many different swing thoughts and techniques but most golf swings are missing fundamentals. So lets get back to basics!

Have you ever struggled with your game and have not known where to start? A lot of problems we see from very good players all the way to the beginner starts prior to striking the ball; moving through your progression too fast (Hitting the ball without thinking first).

Before your freak out, check some of your fundamentals. Known as G.A.S.P.; your Grip, Aim, Stance, and Posture can affect your ball striking positively or negatively.

Grip- If you are comfortable with the grip you have (i.e. Overlapping, Interlocking, 10 Finger ect.), check your grip pressure. Most golfers squeeze the grip too hard, resulting in the golf club being out of position. For solid grip pressure, hold the club very firm (10/10) and then release the club slightly (7/10) this will relax your forearms which is necessary for a good golf swing.

Aim/Stance- for aiming make sure you are using an intermediate target to align your clubface to your target. From there we are putting our toe line on a PARALLEL LINE to the target line. A lot of times, Toe Line and Target Line get crossed which cause swing plane issues. In terms of stance we want to be able and ready to make an athletic movement so stay connected to the ground until you have moved into your finish position.

Posture- Tilt in the spine is very important to a solid golf swing. Unfortunately, most player's lower back is not strong enough to support the swing motion. So what happens is Posterior and Anterior tilt in the spine. For proper posture we want to start standing straight up in a neutral spine and slightly bent knees (an athletic position). From there, we are going to bend from the pelvis, toward the ball until your arms begin to hang. Grip the club with proper grip pressure and you're ready to hit the ball

I hope these tips help you continue to improve your game.


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