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TOOLS OF THE TRADE: My Favorite Training Tools

Sometimes hitting golf balls just doesn’t get you the results you’re looking for; perhaps a training aid could help. The only problem is training aid pricing can be high, BUT there are solutions!

Alignment Sticks (aka Drive-Way Markers) $3.49 for Two Sticks: It’s important to understand good alignment and how that affects ball flight. The use of a couple alignment sticks could be the difference between seeing the target line and SEEING the actual target line.

Putter Path Aid (aka Nylon Twine, Tent Stakes) $9.00 for the Materials: This aid is actually very simple to make but provides incredible benefits when used. You’ll need two of the tent stakes pictured above and about 15-20 feet (maximum) of nylon twine. The stakes have loop hole at the top already, affix the twine to the loop hole using your favorite knot. Find a straight-ish putt and try to keep your putter moving evenly (close to straight back and through) under the twine.

Putting Alignment Tool (aka Chalk Line) $5.97: Did you know that you can work on your path and your starting line at the same time? You can when there is a chalk line on the green. Notice how your ball is initially starting when you putt, is it jumping to the left or right? This information can show indicators of club face angle at impact.

Swing Plane Tool (aka Pool Noodles) $11.99 for Four Noodles: You can correct a myriad of swing path problems when you put pool noodles to good use! You’re going to need to use your alignment sticks for this one, but over the top and stuck inside moves can be eliminated with this combination of swing aids.

You can get all of these things for under $35.00 at Walmart. Proper application is very important for these things to work correctly, so make sure you invest in golf lessons with your local PGA Professional!

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