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Managing conditions is a really easy way to lower your scores in inclement weather. Imagine your standing on the tee of a long par 4 with a strong wind in your face. What should a person do to get the ball down the fairway without sacrificing distance and accuracy?

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Stinger time baby!

One of my favorite shots to hit made famous by the GOAT (The Big Cat), the stinger is a very useful shot on windy or calm days because of its low/penetrating ball flight. This shot gets on the ground and runs forever. The reason we like to use this shot is, the longer the ball is in the air, the longer it has to move off line. Let’s take that option out of play!

Step 1: GRIP- Move your grip 1” lower down the grip than normal, shortening the club moves the lie angle more upright which will promote a lower ball flight.

Step 2: STANCE- Because we shortened the club by gripping down, it’s necessary to stand a little closer to the golf ball for better contact.

Step 3: BALL POSITION- In an effort to reduce the loft of the club head, we need to move our ball position back towards your trail foot slightly (maybe an inch or two).

Step 4: SWING- Think compact and aggressive, we need to keep our swing tight because we’re going to swing hard! This is an effort to keep the clubface in control at speed and remember, your finish position is a reflection of the shot you want to hit! Swing to a high finish, we’ll hit a high shot. Swing to a low finish (the goal here), you’ll hit yourself a nice sharp stinger 🐝

Step 5: PRACTICE- Sounds crazy right?! You wouldn’t let someone drive your car that’s never been behind the wheel before, right? Trying shots on the course that you haven’t practiced is a recipe for disaster. Let’s put in the work!


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