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Make the Shot When it Matters!

Imagine that you are on the last hole with a one shot lead over your friends. 110 yard shot over the water; the pin is in the middle of the green. There's a lot on the line here: Lunch, Drinks and Bragging Rights for the first time ever!

Insert CHUNK shot!

How frustrating, one of the things that makes Tiger so great is his ability to make the shot when it matters the most. Unfortunately for weekend golf, we don't have the time to work on our games 25/8 (meaning all the time) but we can adopt something from a pro golfer's game. That's a pre-shot routine, today we're going to cover some things to tighten up the thought process when we are taking our shot.

Build Your Shot

1. Instead of focusing on how big the situation is, focus on exactly what you're trying to accomplish. We have to commit to this shot 100%.

2.Once you've committed to your shot, pick the proper start line. For instance, if you are hitting a draw (for right handed people), you may want to adjust your aim to the right a touch. Your start line can be considered the most important part of your alignment as it can make or break a good shot. So understand, that looking away from a target is not a bad thing, you just have to commit to what your doing. Don't second guess yourself.

3. Now we need to gain the important information: Distance/Elevation and Conditions (i.e. temperature, the lie of the ball, and most importantly WIND).

4. Finally we pick the club that matches the shot we are trying to hit. Essentially, we build the shot mentally first then we select the tool we need to execute the shot.

Do Your Routine!

It's go time! Take your practice swings, see your shot and let it rip. This is the time to practice some acceptance, you may not hit the shot you want... BUT that doesn't reflect on you as a player, accept that you have done all the proper work to get you shot off. Accepting outcomes throughout your round is an excellent way to remove pressure.

Feel the Flow and Let it Go

To see this lesson in it's entirety, click the link below to see the video


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