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TURN FOR POWER: Where are your shoelaces?

One thing that players often overlook is their finish position. Have you thought about it before? Lots of times we talk about belt position in the follow through, but we know that the swing and ultimately power in the swing starts from the ground up. Let’s start there!

In order to get that “Belt at the Target” position we always hear about, we need to talk about our footwork. It’s pretty hard to turn to the target with your trail foot planted on the ground. Let’s focus on the shoelaces of your trail foot, get into a set up position and then turn your trail foot laces toward the target. How much easier is it to get into a full finish? Keeping your trail foot pressed in the ground creates resistance in the follow through which then slows the club down and if you’re like me, less distance is less than optimal!

Pro Tip: Still struggling? Look at your lead foot, keep your heel pressed and flare your toes a little bit toward your target at the set up (prior to your shot). This little move opens up the hip socket giving you more room to turn your lower body!


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